2014 Goals

set and reach goal conceptHappy 2014 Everyone!!  Well, I’m back from my somewhat extended family vacation after JetBlue decided to cancel our flight back from Florida and then shut down operations to rest their crew for a couple of days! (Have you ever heard of such a thing?!)  I was more than fine with it considering I was having a ton of fun with my family.  Not to mention the polar vortex that was happening up north!

Now that we’re already into 2014, I wanted to share some of the goals that I’ve set for the New Year.  This year will be an important one for my real estate investing career because I’m planning to exponentially grow my business.  Here are some of my largest goals for 2014:

  1. 6 Rehabs, 3 Wholesale Deals, & 1 Joint Venture – I’ll still have additional deals going on with my current partners, but these are my personal goals.  It’s going to take a lot of work but I’m very confident that I can achieve this.  For a reference point, I did 6 deals with my partners last year.
  2. Increase my Marketing Efforts by 300% – I plan on increasing my direct mail from 3,000 pieces/month to 6,000.  I’m also going to integrate Google ad words and other Internet marketing into the mix. I’ve already hired a VA who is heading this up so I won’t have to spend my time on it.  I should see an instant increase in traffic and leads on my squeeze pages and because everything is tracked, I will know exactly which campaigns are working well.  My goal for the ad words campaign is to generate 20-30 leads per month.  I’m in the process of having another VA to create a website scraping tool to gather addresses for my direct mail.  This will be a significant time saver because the process that was once taking me several hours to assemble certain information will now take about 2 minutes to gather by running the program.
  3. Raise $300,000 in private money – Rehab #12 was the first time I used private money on a project.  Up until then, I’ve been able to either internally fund all my deals or obtain financing from local banks.  With the uptick in my deal volume for 2014, I’ll need to start reaching out to my network. I’ll be working on an investment package for potential investors over the next couple of weeks.
  4. Hire a full-time VA – I’m in the beginning stages of looking for a VA to answer all of my seller calls and to input the information into my CRM.  I decided to go with a VA as opposed to a call service like PatLive because there will be consistency with who is answering my calls (I’ll have 1 VA vs. multiple people answering calls), enabling me to focus my attention on training only one person.  In addition, I will have that individual take on other tasks when they aren’t talking to sellers.  I strongly believe that having someone answering my calls will result in many more deals.  I was astonished to find out that approximately 65% of the callbacks from my direct mail campaigns have been people who have hung up before leaving a message.  That’s a huge chunk of potential sellers!

Goal setting is a very important aspect of defining and measuring success in your business so if you haven’t already, I highly recommend that you take some time to write yours down.  Feel free to share YOUR goals in the comment section below.

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