Justin-HeadshotWelcome to The Boston Investor!

Welcome to The Boston Investor. A no BS documentary through my real estate investing path. From investing while working a full time job and maintaining a family life to quitting my six figure day job and diving into real estate full time. I love what I do and I enjoy sharing my experiences.

Who is The Boston Investor?

Hi, my name is Justin Silverio. I was born and raised on the North Shore of Massachusetts, where I still live with my wife and two young children.

I received my Master’s degree in accountancy from Bentley University and had worked as a Certified Public Accountant in the private equity and investment industry for over 12 years.

It is this background which has helped me approach real estate investing in Massachusetts in a strategic and analytical way. This, together with a solid business plan has enabled me to be profitable from my very first real estate investing deal.  All while still working a full time job.


I witnessed the financial and personal freedom that real estate brought to my parents and I knew I wanted that for my family too.

So I invested in reading, networking and learning all that I could to understand the various facets of the real estate investing business.  I honed my approach and strategy while continuing to create systems to streamline my business.  After 5+ years of investing on a part time basis, I finally quit my job to focus on real estate investing full time!  I now focus on flipping, developing and wholesaling properties in the Greater Boston area and throughout Middlesex and Essex County, Massachusetts.

Stay Connected

I’ll be updating The Boston Investor blog with my real estate investing activities and providing information and resources to help you get started in this industry. Check out my first blog post to learn more about this blog and what to expect.

Real estate is about numbers, but it’s also about people and I’d love to connect whether you are just thinking about investing, have capital you’d like to put to work in the Massachusetts real estate market, or you have an idea for a joint venture.

Happy Investing!