Wholesale #17, Tewksbury


I got two deals under contract in March/April, both originating from my driving for dollars direct mail campaigns and decided to wholesale both of them. Below are the details on the first property, and I’ll write another post for the second.  Both properties closed on April 30th.   Wholesale #17, Tewksbury is an entry level home

New Construction #14, Andover – Purchase


I closed on my latest new construction project last week – New Construction #14, Andover.  This lead came from my driving for dollars mailing campaign whom I mailed to 4 times before getting a call back.  After speaking with the owner, my Acquisitions and Marketing Coordinator, Will could tell that she was motivated and that the

New Construction #11.1, Acton – Under Agreement


My next project is under contract and it’s going to be my first intentional new construction project.  I say intentional because as you may remember on Rehab #8, Wenham, I ended up rebuilding 99% of the house which deemed it new construction in the town of Wenham (stay tuned for exciting news on that project in my next post!).

Rehab #12, Salem – Final Analysis


I received all the receipts from my partner on Rehab #12, Salem and other than a couple of items that we need to fix for the buyer (we had to wait for warmer weather), this should be an accurate account of the deal.  Although we went a bit over budget on the renovation we came

How to Accurately Estimate Costs for a Rehab Deal


Estimating costs for a rehab project can be daunting at first, especially if you’re not a numbers person and don’t fully understand all of the costs that can accumulate throughout a project.  This was one of the tasks that held me back from doing my first deal because I was concerned I’d leave something out