Wholesale #16, Acton – Sold & Final Analysis


Direct Mail strikes again!! I closed on a great wholesale deal yesterday that came through my old driving for dollars leads that I haven’t mailed to in over a year.  The seller called in June with a property she inherited from her parents.  She originally thought she would hold onto it for her kids but

My Craziest Transaction Yet – Wholesale #15, Acton

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Let me preface this by saying that this was the most insane, roller coaster of a ride closing that I have ever been involved in. I got another property in Acton under contract back in February.  This property is a 1,458 SF ranch with a 2 car garage under and a walk out basement.  The property

Wholesale #14, Danvers – Sold & Final Analysis


Ok, I think I left you in suspense long enough.  As I mentioned in my last post, I had a short sale that I was closing on Tuesday and was selling to another investor today.  Well, it turns out that the other investor was ready to roll on Tuesday so my attorney double closed this so I didn’t have

Rehab #10.1, Stoneham – Final Analysis


We sold Rehab #10.1, Stoneham on October 20th for $20,000 over asking price!!  My amazing real estate agent, who also happens to be my wife 🙂 had over 60 people at the open house back in September which contributed to the bidding war that put us over asking. We went about $4,000 over on the rehab but

Rehab #9, Reading – Final Analysis


We sold Rehab #9, Reading on June 30th but I haven’t had a chance to post the final analysis yet.  In the end, we went over budget on the rehab by $25k and the project took longer than expected.  The results weren’t quite as good as we had hoped, but I’m still happy to see that the annualized return

New Construction #11.1, Acton – Under Agreement


My next project is under contract and it’s going to be my first intentional new construction project.  I say intentional because as you may remember on Rehab #8, Wenham, I ended up rebuilding 99% of the house which deemed it new construction in the town of Wenham (stay tuned for exciting news on that project in my next post!).

Rehab #12, Salem – Final Analysis


I received all the receipts from my partner on Rehab #12, Salem and other than a couple of items that we need to fix for the buyer (we had to wait for warmer weather), this should be an accurate account of the deal.  Although we went a bit over budget on the renovation we came

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing


It took 3 attempts before I actually started investing in real estate. In 2006, my wife and I were looking to buy our first house so I figured it would make more sense to buy a two family house.  We could live in one unit and have the rent from the other unit pay down