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When I say the last month has flown by, that’s a serious understatement.  Here’s what I’ve been working on: Rehab #15, Andover – I completed this rehab at the end of February, had it listed early March for $785,000 and it is currently under agreement.  My original ARV on the property was $760,000, however, my rehab

Rehab #15, Andover – Final Walkthrough

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Ok, here’s the walkthrough of the finished product for Rehab #15, Andover.  Man do I sound like a wet noodle in this video.  I think I need to do a pre-video workout to get me pumped up.  haha Subscribe at the top right of the page to be notified when I add new content and

Rehab #15, Andover – Under Contract

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I got my next rehab in Andover under contract a couple weeks ago.  Conveniently, this one is right across the street from New Construction #14, Andover.  My hope is to get both projects going at the same time, however, I ran into a pretty significant snag while pulling the permit for New Construction #14 several