Notes & Pics – March 2017 TBI’s Networking Event

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It was a jam-packed room on Wed night!! Thanks to everyone who attended The Boston Investor’s Networking event this week.  There were a lot of questions in the Q&A segment that made for some great discussions.   What’s the difference of closing in an LLC vs. a trust? Most investors who operate as a business place properties

Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast #799

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I was just on the Best Ever Real Estate Investing Podcast with Joe Fairless.  Joe puts out a new podcast every day!  While it seems like an impossible feat, Joe’s been doing it for a long time.  I was lucky enough to be on show #799.  Take a listen: JF799: How to BOOST Your Profits

BiggerPockets Podcast Show #194

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It’s a bit late but I wanted to share that I was on the BiggerPockets Podcast again at the end of September.  Check it out: BiggerPockets Podcast Show #194 Subscribe at the top right of the page to be notified when I add new content and to get free real estate investor resources. Also, please

The Case Against Yellow Letters


  It’s not often that I link to another website, but I wrote an article that I know a lot of readers will benefit from.  If you are doing any amount of direct mail and want to learn how to get above average results, you’ll want to have a read. The Case Against Yellow Letters Feel

Business Update


When I say the last month has flown by, that’s a serious understatement.  Here’s what I’ve been working on: Rehab #15, Andover – I completed this rehab at the end of February, had it listed early March for $785,000 and it is currently under agreement.  My original ARV on the property was $760,000, however, my rehab

Guest Speaker on The Real Dealz Pocast…again

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I’m very excited and privileged to be on another episode of The Real Dealz Podcast with Tucker Merrihew!  The last time I was on his show was about a year ago and because so much has changed in my business, he invited me back on for an update.  I’ve known Tucker for the past 2 years

2 Life Changing Announcements

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2016 is looking to be my most pivotal year yet.  I am thrilled to be making two huge announcements: Today is the day – I’m submitting my notice at my day job! I will now be able to focus full time on my real estate investing and real estate marketing businesses.  I’ve been investing while working full

My 100th Post….Secret Revealed!!

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Happy 2016 Everyone!! This is pretty cool. My first post in the new year happens to be my 100th blog post! Looking back at the beginning, I had no idea how long I was going to keep at it but I’m so pumped to have this blog going strong after 2 years and to have such

Building A Marketing Machine – Part 4d, Direct Mail (Tracking & Follow Up)

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This is the final post in a 4 part marketing series. If you’re new, you can start from the beginning HERE.  If you’re only interested in the Direct Mail portion, start HERE. Follow up is critically important in this business because you want to make sure you’re the first one people think about when they

Building A Marketing Machine – Part 4c, Direct Mail (Mailing)

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This is the third post in the four part series for direct mail. If you haven’t read the first two parts, start HERE. You should now have a well-prepared lead list imported into your lead database. As I mentioned in my last post, you can gain access to my lead database by signing up at

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