Wholesale #18, Reading

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I got two deals under contract in March/April, both originating from my driving for dollars direct mail campaigns and decided to wholesale both of them. See HERE for the first property. Below are the details on the second property that closed on April 30th. Wholesale #18, Reading was a 1,344 SF Cape style house in a

Rehab #15, Andover – Under Contract

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I got my next rehab in Andover under contract a couple weeks ago.  Conveniently, this one is right across the street from New Construction #14, Andover.  My hope is to get both projects going at the same time, however, I ran into a pretty significant snag while pulling the permit for New Construction #14 several

New Construction #14, Andover – Purchase


I closed on my latest new construction project last week – New Construction #14, Andover.  This lead came from my driving for dollars mailing campaign whom I mailed to 4 times before getting a call back.  After speaking with the owner, my Acquisitions and Marketing Coordinator, Will could tell that she was motivated and that the

New Construction #11.1, Acton – Under Agreement


My next project is under contract and it’s going to be my first intentional new construction project.  I say intentional because as you may remember on Rehab #8, Wenham, I ended up rebuilding 99% of the house which deemed it new construction in the town of Wenham (stay tuned for exciting news on that project in my next post!).

Rehab #10.1, Stoneham – Project Financials & Details


We closed on Rehab #10.1, Stoneham on May 12th.  I found this property through an Absentee mailing that I sent out back in February.  The seller called me because his boiler died back in October and he didn’t have the money to fix it while paying for the mortgage on another property he owns in

Rehab Analysis – Instructional Video

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Here is an instructional video on how to use the rehab analysis that I’m giving away for FREE if you subscribe to my blog.  Enjoy!!   Subscribe at the top right of the page to be notified when I add new content and to get free real estate investor resources. Also, please help me share

Project Updates & More

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Rehab #8, Wenham The work on this project has been on hold for about 1.5 weeks.  The building inspector came out to the project after we canned our original contractor (the scammer) and he had a number of concerns with the structural integrity of the building.  He asked that we get a structural engineer in

How to Accurately Estimate Costs for a Rehab Deal


Estimating costs for a rehab project can be daunting at first, especially if you’re not a numbers person and don’t fully understand all of the costs that can accumulate throughout a project.  This was one of the tasks that held me back from doing my first deal because I was concerned I’d leave something out

Rehab #12, Salem – Under Contract


  The real estate agent who sold me Rehab #9 called me early last week to tell me about an upcoming property that needs a lot of work.  The owners, who were hoarders, haven’t lived in the house for several years so there is a lot of deferred maintenance.  She asked that I do some research to

Rehab #9, Reading – Under Contract

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  My father and I got our next property under contract in the town where I grew up, Reading.  I came across this deal from a real estate agent we’ve dealt with in the past.  She is a top agent in Reading and knows the market very well.  Her office had the listing and she

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