Open Letter Marketing

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I’ve had a lot of people from my blog contact me about my direct mail company.  I don’t typically advertise the business much on this blog, so I wanted to do one post that includes some quick info, along with the company’s contact information. Open Letter Marketing LLC (978) 269-0245 Open Letter Marketing

Demo Pictures of Rehab #13, Andover


The closing on this property was delayed about a month due to title issues.  Once we got the green light, we closed on March 9th.  My demo crew got right to work and the framing crew has been in there for about a week reconfiguring the floor plan.  Work on the addition began today and it should

Update on the Fraudulent Contractor


I can finally share some good news about the contractor who defrauded my partner and me last year. Over the last couple of months, several investigators have been working on building a case to prosecute the contractor, James McCarthy.  There ended up being so many cases of fraud he was involved with that they decided to push for

Rehab Analysis – Instructional Video

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Here is an instructional video on how to use the rehab analysis that I’m giving away for FREE if you subscribe to my blog.  Enjoy!!   Subscribe at the top right of the page to be notified when I add new content and to get free real estate investor resources. Also, please help me share

About the Blog


If you haven’t already read my About page, it will provide more insight into my background and my real estate investment strategy. Since I am still relatively new to the investing game, with 7 deals under my belt, I wanted to create a blog to 1) keep me accountable for my plan and goals, 2) share information amongst