Comment Function Back UP & Improved – Comment Away!!

Finally, the commenting function is back up and running!!  I’m actually happy this happened because I found a really cool plugin that I think everyone will benefit from.  I tend to geek out when I find really cool technology but I won’t bore you with too many details.  Just know that the new commenting plugin, called Disqus, is the most widely used commenting plugin on the internet and allows you to keep track of any comments that you post on the internet.

Here are some of the cool features that you can now use on The Boston Investor and any other website that has this plugin:

  • share the comments that you post on my blog to your Facebook or Twitter feed
  • subscribe to any blog post so you can follow other people’s comments without having to comment on the post yourself
  • click on the Community tab to check out which blog posts are getting the most activity so you can participate
  • click on My Disqus to check out if anyone has replied to one of your comments or look at any other activity related to you


Here’s what I recommend that you do. When you comment on a post, enter in your name, email address and password.  Then click on the Right Arrow and then click Post.  That’s all you need to do to create an account.  Pretty simple right?

The only other step that I would recommend is after you set up an account, click on the Down Arrow next to the icon that looks like a wheel and click Edit Settings.  This will bring you into your Disqus account.  Next, click on Notifications and then check the box that says “Subscribe to threads that I comment on” under Personal Settings.  Now you will receive an email anytime someone else comments on a blog post that you commented on.

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