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I went to Rehab #9, Reading and Rehab #12, Salem over the weekend to check out the progression.

Rehab #9, Reading

The demo is complete and our framers should have everything framed out this week along with installing the fence and some of the windows.  The mechanical systems will be roughed in next week and then it’s on to insulation, plaster and finish.  One of the changes that I’ve made to this property is to replace the forced hot water heating system, which is pretty new, with a forced hot air heating system and air conditioning.    I was originally only going to put in an AC unit and run duct work, but considering it would be the same cost to put in a whole new system, I think the change is a no-brainer.  Also, the building inspector has asked us to do a bit more framing for the vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom but nothing that will push us over budget.  He basically wants us to provide additional support to the ridge beam and post down from the ceiling to the basement on each end of the vaulted ceiling.  This requires us to dig footings in the basement as well.  Here are some pictures of the house demo’d.  You can see that the first floor is much more open and that the master bedroom is going to look spacious now that we combined two rooms and are opening up the ceiling.


Rehab #12, Salem

Framing is complete and we passed inspection this morning.  Our electrician, plumber and HVAC will start roughing in the mechanical systems tomorrow.  The rough work should be done and inspected next week so we can move on to insulation.  If you’ve never done a rehab, the timing of inspections is key to keeping these projects moving.  Here is an outline of what needs to happen before we can hang the wallboard.

  • Building inspector to sign off on framing (Done!)
  • Rough out for mechanical systems
  • Plumbing and electrical inspector to sign off on mechanical work
  • Insulate walls & ceilings as needed
  • Building inspector to sign off on insulation


This takes some coordinating especially when some town inspectors only work several hours a day and a couple days a week.  We’ve been using our subcontractors for a while so this should move along nicely.  Here are some pictures from this weekend.  We opened up the walls and removed the stairs that was separated the kitchen and living room.  We also opened up the wall from the Kitchen to the Sun Room and relocated the stairs to the finished room in the basement.


I haven’t forgotten the rehab analysis instructional video…I think I’ve spent over 12 hours trying to figure out how to use iMovie.  Every time I alter the video, something happens and I have to start over.  Very frustrating but I will have it this week.

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