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Rehab #8, Wenham

The work on this project has been on hold for about 1.5 weeks.  The building inspector came out to the project after we canned our original contractor (the scammer) and he had a number of concerns with the structural integrity of the building.  He asked that we get a structural engineer in there before we proceed so our new contractors and my project manager (PM) met with the structural engineer last Friday.  We’ll need to do some additional work to make the house structurally sound but I consider this a much better option than the inspector’s alternative of tearing it down!  I’m happy to report that we now officially have stamped engineered plans and will present them to the building inspector tomorrow.  Provided we get his approval, we will start back up next week.

Rehab #9, Reading

We closed on the purchase of Rehab #9 on Monday and our demo crew has been in there since Tuesday.  They just finished the demo today and will move on to installing the fence tomorrow.  The building inspector wanted us to get a structural engineer involved to draw up plans for the vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom so we called the same guy who did the Wenham job.  He walked through on Monday and issued our plans today.  This is perfect timing because my father (the PM on this job) will meet with the building inspector tomorrow to get a framing permit so our framers can begin later this week.  All in all, this project is moving right along.

Rehab #12, Salem

Our new contractor will have the property framed and air-tight by tomorrow.  We’ve scheduled our subs to go in and do a complete overhaul on the mechanicals, including a new FHA heating system with central air, updated electrical and new plumbing.  Our prior contractor (the scammer) cut a lot of the electrical wires when he was demo’ing so my electrician will have more work to do than initially planned.


Rehab Anaylsis

As I mentioned, I’ll start sending out my rehab analysis to anyone who subscribes to my blog going forward.  If you’ve already subscribed then keep your eye out for that email tomorrow.  If you haven’t subscribed and would like a copy, go to the top right of this page and put in your name and email address and click Subscribe Now.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make an instructional video of how to use the Rehab Analysis yet.  I’ve been sick and lost my voice so I’ll create the video once I get my voice back.  I’ll write another post once I’ve uploaded the video because there is a lot of functionality in the workbook and want to make sure you understand how to fully use it.


I’ll have some updated pictures of the jobs next week.  In the meantime, have a Happy Halloween!!

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