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Podcasts have been a great way of getting me through my painfully long commutes to and from my day job.  I’m a BIG advocate of self-education .  You can never learn too much about real estate investing or business in general, and taking steps to further your knowledge in these areas will only help you become more successful.  Listed below are my top podcast picks that I’ve listened to in the past year.  Remember that most smart phones have a button where you can speed up the playback to 1.5x and 2x speed so you’re able to listen to an hour podcast in about 30-45 mins.

Feel free to share YOUR favorite podcasts in the comments below.


General Real Estate Investing

biggerpockets podcastBiggerPockets (★★★★★) – Joshua Dorkin, Founder of BiggerPockets, and Brandon Turner, Senior Editor and Community Manager, interview leading investors which cover all facets of real estate. They keep the conversation light and have an great format to their interview process that captures all the questions that the listeners would want to know.  I love this podcast.  Podcast / Website


house flipping hq podcastHouse Flipping HQ (★★★★★)- Justin Williams discusses some great house flipping tips and he interviews very high quality investors who are absolutely crushing it in today’s market.   Podcast / Website


Real Dealz PostcastThe Real Dealz Podcast (★★★★★)- Tucker Merrihew is a rehabber/wholesaler/builder in Oregon and is doing some amazing work.  He runs an in-house construction company which gives his company a unique advantage over other investors.  Each episode has excellent, no BS content.  Podcast / Website



online marketing made easy podcastOnline Marketing Made Easy (★★★★★)- Amy Porterfield, a former marketer for Tony Robbins and Harley Davidson, discusses how to create an online presence through Facebook and blogging.  She puts out a very polished podcast and interviews some of the top experts in online marketing.  This podcast is geared toward people who want to create passive cash flow online, but most of the techniques can be used to generate traffic to your We Buy Houses squeeze page.  Podcast / Website

internet business mastery podcastInternet Business Mastery (★★★★)- This podcast has a lot of great information about how to build an online presence and generate traffic to a website.  Again, this podcast isn’t REI specific but you can apply the techniques to your website, squeeze pages, or blog.  I just started listening to this but I really like the podcast so far.  Podcast / Website


real estate strategy lab podcastReal Estate Strategy Lab (★★★)– Jason Jerzewski and Jeff Coga discuss real estate investment marketing.  I haven’t seen a new podcast since August 2013 but it’s worth checking out past podcasts.  Podcast / Website


Wholesaling / Other

real estate investing mastery podcastReal Estate Investing Mastery (★★★★)- Joe McCall and Alex Joungblood discuss wholesaling and lease option strategies.  Although I don’t focus on lease options in my business, this podcast is pretty good as they interview many other types of real estate investors.  I haven’t seen a  new podcast since September 2013 but check out some of the past podcasts.  Podcast / Website

the ultimate real estate investing podcastThe Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast (★★) – If you guys haven’t heard of Sean Terry, he is probably one of the biggest wholesalers in the country.  He’s churning out hundreds of deals each year.  He discusses his business and the systems he utilizes.  I found the podcast to be more motivational and salesy so I haven’t listened to this in a while.  Nonetheless, it’s amazing to hear how this guy is able to sustain such a large wholesaling business. Podcast / Website


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