Rehab #10.1 Stoneham – Staging Pictures

Rehab #10.1 Stoneham -  Front ExteriorMy Stoneham project officially hit the market as of 12:03am on Sept. 2nd (my birthday) for $379,900!  The market is still pretty hot so I decided to hold off on showings until the open house this weekend.  Also, it gives me a few extra days to go through the final punch list items with my contractor before the reveal.

This was my first solo project and other than having my first contractor back out right after I closed, once I found someone else, it was probably the smoothest running project I’ve done to date.  This was also the first time I’ve used a GC to handle all aspects of construction and he did a great job owning the project.  He did all the scheduling, managed all the subs and handled any issues that came up during the rehab.  The only change order we had was for a $500 unforeseen item where he had to reframe a ceiling.  Not bad!  On the down side, he went 3 weeks over schedule due to a late start on the project (he was finishing up a couple of other projects) and his drywall guy removing a lot of the existing drywall that we didn’t intend to remove.  This was a big issue because the electrician had already installed outlets which were extended an additional 1/2 inch out of the wall to accommodate for the extra sheet of drywall.  As a result, my contractor had to go back and fur out all the walls to account for the extra sheet of drywall.

A lot of work went into this property.  I completely reconfigured the first floor plan to allow for an open concept kitchen-dining room-living room and added a 1/2 bath and laundry room.  I did a number of upgrades in the kitchen including a stainless farmhouse sink, high-end appliances and lighting, modern, shaker style cabinets and a window seat area.  The bathroom on the 2nd floor was gutted and we added a proper pull down staircase for the attic (originally there was just a hole with stairs).  This house has a new 200 amp electrical service with all new wiring, new plumbing and a new 2-zone high-efficiency forced hot air system with central AC.  On the exterior, there is a new roof, new windows, graded and hydroseeded yard, all new fencing and a nice paver patio off the newly relocated back door.  The basement also got some attention as we removed the tree trunk supports and added proper lally columns.  The ceiling height is lacking in the basement but now that the laundry is on the first floor, I don’t think it’s a huge deterrent.  Also, the attic is huge so possible expansion could be completed by the buyers in the future.

If you don’t remember what this house looked like when I bought it, check out the before pictures.  Here are the professional staging pictures:


I should note that I’m holding the September Boston Investors’ Networking Event at this property next week, September 10th.  If you’re interested in attending please email me with your name so I can put you on the mailing list and give you the details.


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  • Enis Shehu

    Beautiful work Justin!! This will probably sell really fast

  • Shaun Reilly

    Turned out nice.
    Looking forward to seeing it next week.
    Also happy that it was smooth after a couple tough ones.
    Glad the GC worked well. Doing that yourself is a PITA so finding a good GC will free up a lot of time and take the stress level down.

    • Thanks Shaun. I’ll see you next week. Yes, much easier with a good GC.