Update on the Fraudulent Contractor

behind_bars_xsmallI can finally share some good news about the contractor who defrauded my partner and me last year.

Over the last couple of months, several investigators have been working on building a case to prosecute the contractor, James McCarthy.  There ended up being so many cases of fraud he was involved with that they decided to push for the case to be moved up to Superior Court.  Well, I just received word last week that James was arrested and is being held on bail until the trial.  It’s a huge relief that this guy is off the streets because he seemed like such a normal guy but he’s relentless in the lengths he’ll go to scam the unsuspecting (even his own family).

I’m glad that I decided to put this warning out for people to read.  Not only have I been contacted by several contractors and investors since I first posted who have filled me in on some more of the stunts he’s pulled, but I was able to save a fellow investor from the aggravation of working with him.

Here’s the article about James’ arrest published by the Salem News.  My best part is when they went into his house, they  “discovered what appeared to be a forged power of attorney for McCarthy’s own mother on a printer in his home.” and were able to put a stop to it.  This guy is unbelievable!

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  • Tim Walls

    Great News!

  • Shaun Reilly

    Great to hear that they are trying to nail this scumbag.
    Nice little birthday present for him. 🙂

    • Thanks Shaun. I really hope they lock this guy up. Not only for the victims but also for the legit contractors who get a bad wrap for stories like this.

  • sam

    Jut another in a very long list of shady contractors